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I've worked among some of the biggest names in music, but…

My passion has always been to inspire musical minds.

Even from my first days of learning the piano or guitar, I can remember always encouraging others to make music with me.

Those early days lead naturally to a desire to help others make music professionally, which I did (and still do) in Hollywood with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

I've¬†equipped¬†beginners and professionals alike¬†with the tools to¬†achieve their musical¬†aspirations‚ÄĒand have fun¬†making music.

I can do the same for you!

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I Reunited the Beatles

In our string arrangement to Ringo's cover of John's song "Grow Old With Me" Jack Douglas and I hid an oh so subtle hat tip to George just before the bridge.

Listen for it at around 1:35. (Hint: it suggests "Here Comes the Sun.")

In the final verse (2:25) we were particularly careful to let Paul's melodic bass playing shine through. It was fun to "join" him on some of his musical exclamations!

WINNER: "Best Musical Score" 2022 IndieFilmopolis Film Festival


WINNER: "Best Score" 2021 Nyack Film Festival

Maximus wins BEST FOREIGN FILM and BEST SCORE at 2021 Nyack Film Festival.

Maximus to Cannes Film Festival

Maximus is heading to Cannes film festival. 

Maximus - First Review

Scored a short film with Jack Douglas in the fall of 2020. It was a real pleasure working with filmmakers Richard and Rachel Prendergast. The film stars their super-talented talented daughter, Maisie.

Here's the first review…

Maximus Film Website

Pro Composers Write all Kinds of Music.

Learning to glean the important elements from styles is an essential of a media composer.

Here are some publicly-available selections of mine (most are only available through exclusive music libraries).

Who Shot Mamba? is especially vintage, but I'm still very proud of it!

Aerosmith - Music from Another Dimension

Steven and I tackled the arrangement to "Another Last Goodbye" one night in my home studio in West Hollywood. I was amazed at his musicality and he was amazed that I could play the Maple Leaf Rag on the piano (he was probably humoring me).

When we wrapped, Steven was surprised to learn it was almost 2am. I wasn't‚ÄĒI was beat. Steven could have gone all night‚ÄĒhis energy was amazing!

Listen to the very end to hear Jack doing his best "Outer Limits" style narration to conclude the album.

The New York Dolls - "Maimed Happiness"

I provided a string arrangement for "Maimed Happiness," from One Day it Will Please Us to Remember Even This. 

I later worked with David Johansen on an original composition of his entitled Mara Dreams the Moongate of Uncommon Beauty, which was performed by a small orchestra on October 27th, 2005 in Staten Island, NY. Other artists with pieces on the program included Vernon Reid (Living Color) and Galt McDermott (Hair).

The Kin - The UPside

Twin brothers Thorald and Isaac Koren are the kin of The Kin. They're geniuses, and this album proves it. I was heavily involved from the bottom up on this one and enjoyed making music with these guys.

Fun fact: this album wound up providing much of the score for the juicing documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I still have a Breville Juice Fountain.

Another fun fact: Marilyn Manson was in the adjacent studio. I remember interrupting his dinner at least once, as we had to walk through his space to get to the studio office.

Blue Coupe - "I'll Forever Stick Around"

Co-Produced by Jack Douglas and Warren Huart, I contributed strings to this track.

It was a real pleasure working closely with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper) and Albert Bouchard (Blue √Ėyster Cult) on the arrangement to this sweet song.